New Technology

We are very proud of Cokebusters unique Scraper Pig design.  The original aim was to overcome the known concerns about Scraper Pigs, which have become familiar to Refiners all around the world.  Despite rapid growth in popularity of pig decoking, misgivings remain about tube u-bend damage and the questionable ability of soft core pigs to fully remove hard coke without skidding over resistant patches.

Our Scraper Pigs are neither solid bodied, nor soft core. This sets the technology apart from Scraper Pigs currently in use and achieves an optimum combination of strength, durability and flexibility.  In order to ensure the exact blend, pigs are of a complex laminated construction using special gas filled polymers. Each Pig is produced through eight separate casting processes.  All Pigs are prepared and cast identically, before being tested for compressibility quotients.

Manufacture and stock control are managed at our own premises in the UK under ISO 9001 internationally accredited quality systems.

The Scraper Pigs are able to successfully achieve a full bore clean decoke, without tracking, striping or missed patches. To manage this, designs are individual and complex; as an example, the 3¾; pig, the most commonly used size, comprises 106 individual component parts using six specially machined alloy moulds in its production.

With close control of design and production, feedback from site works is regularly used to make adjustment for continuous improvement.

How do Cokebusters Scraper Pigs perform on site?

Cokebuster pigs need no modification for passage through box header returns or tight radius u-bends.  They are capable of passing bi-directionally from inlet to outlet whilst thoroughly cleaning convection & radiant sections.  Our pigs match the strength of solid hard bodied pigs for the removal of hard contaminations, but combine this with a flexibility which is respectful of tube wall metal.

Since first use in February 2003, the Cokebusters Scraper Pigs have been shown to cut out coke with a unique combination of speed and efficiency. In some cases with visbreaker, vacuum and delayed coker fired heaters, we have achieved decoke duration reductions of more than 40%, with a 30% time reduction being normal.  Imagine such a time saving, whilst simultaneously improving decoking quality!

In this way the Cokebusters decoking service achieves the best of both worlds – measurably reduced downtime, with all tubes thoroughly & smoothly cleaned.

Specialist machinery, designed and manufactured in-house

Based on specialist knowledge & experience gained over more than 20 years of site operation experience, the Cokebusters Series 21 Double Pumping Unit is unique in its technological advancement.  Designed, developed and fabricated in the 21st Century, these machines incorporate the latest measurement technology for instant & accurate pressure/flow rate detection and comparison.  All accessory equipment required for the full service decoking operation is carried on board for maximum on site independence.

All mechanical equipment has the capacity to fail.  At Cokebusters we design and build all our specialist machinery and accessory equipment.  In doing so, we are able to channel valuable feedback from site operations to have a direct and beneficial impact on design improvements based on close experience.  In alliance with this is a strictly monitored maintenance regime which ensures that all mechanical equipment is formally and regularly checked and serviced to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Cokebusters management procedures are not robotic, nor does paperwork sit in files for the sole protection of administrators.  Instead, this is a joined up process designed to create and support a virtuous circle so that site behaviour of equipment and specialist machinery is predictably reliable, giving high performance whilst meeting or exceeding expected standards of quality and safety.

Cokebusters Machine Design
Cokebusters Machine Design
Cokebusters Machine Design

Method Statement

Cokebusters operators are well-trained and experienced in site operations and are committed to exacting standards in procedure and safety.  Our Method Statement details the full process of Cokebusters decoking and tube inspection operations and is supplied to all our clients alongside Commercial Proposals.  A copy of this Method Statement is also available on application to industry personnel who would like to learn more.  Please contact us with your enquiry and we’ll be pleased to send a copy to you.

Cokebusters USA Double Pumping Unit