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Merlin Tube Inspection Technology

What is ‘Merlin Inspection’?

Merlin Inspection is part of Cokebusters in a single specialist company, meaning administration and communication procedures are much simpler. From pre-qualification right through to the site operation itself, all arrangements and management are straight forward with obvious benefits just dealing with Cokebusters.  Members of the same team conduct the operation as colleagues, with seamless changes from decoking to inspection and back to decoking.  All data is combined in submission of reports before crew departure from site.


How does Combined Service work in practice?

In addition to time efficiency, an important commercial benefit is the absence of any charges for driving the inspection tool.  When the time is right, the DPU (Double Pumping Unit) is placed at the disposal of the inspection team; decoking personnel consider inspection procedures as part of their duties and work with colleague inspection technicians to ensure adequate time is spent to secure correct data.  Any delays inter-related between decoking and inspection are quickly resolved – always without charge to the client.

In practice, once each pass is declared to be fully decked and clean, the inspection activity starts promptly.  With launcher connections already in place, the procedure is to run the Inspection Pig between inlet & outlet bi-directionally, changing diameters to suit tube sizes. Patches of coke are sometimes discovered; these are reported with location details to the decoking operators for further attention.  Should repeat inspections be required, these are carried out without delay or extra charge.  Measurement data is analysed immediately by inspection technicians.

Cokebusters Method Drawing

What are the benefits of Combined Service?

• Significant mobilisation savings
• Decoking & Inspection executed in harmony by colleagues in common employment
• Elimination of delays caused by liaison between contractor companies
• Elimination of attendance extra costs typically levied by Decoking Contractor
• Elimination of extra Pumping Machine usage costs for inspection works
• Administration simplicity – only one contractor to qualify and monitor
• Administration simplicity and cost efficiency – only one contractor to pay
• Administration simplicity – only one line of communication and responsibility
• Easier gathering of information – decoking & inspection experiences amalgamated