With Christmas fast approaching it only seemed right for the Cokebusters USA Team to celebrate in true Texas fashion with a BBQ!  Chief Operating Officer Gary Winter reports…

In hindsight a hearty stew would have been more appropriate given the unusually cold weather, but Scott McGinnis took on chef’s duties and provided us all with delicious, authentic Texas Brisket & Ribs (his seasoning recipe is a highly guarded secret!).  This fuelled the team in preparation for the hotly contested Top Golf Championship.  With stomachs full and the rules in place the mind games began… Robert Williams set an early high standard, hitting the opening round’s top score by a clear margin.  Unfortunately with this score dictating everyone’s handicap he was immediately at a disadvantage!  On the opposite end of the spectrum were Phill Ellis, Joel Miller & Mitch Noack, who had all opted for an alternative tactic, whether by choice or not remained to be seen.

With handicaps in place game one of two began.  Robert Williams continued to dominate the scoreboard, closely followed by his Merlin Inspection companion Jason Burleson.  On the decoking side Eamonn Cowann scored consistently alongside Steven Gilbert and Joel Miller, whose earlier tactic was now proving to be effective.  The second game began and the pressure started to show.  Robert Williams’ lead crumbled, as did his nerve, with the third lowest score of the day ruining his chance for the victory.  Coriena Spikes decided to focus her efforts on moral support rather than her swing.  A late challenge was mounted by Andy Rhodes, who was quietly climbing the leaderboard.  Ultimately Jason Burleson held his nerve to hit crucial points with almost the last swing of his club and win the highly sought after Cokebusters USA Top Golf Championship trophy.  A fun time was had by all, with many commenting that 2017 may be busy combination of decoking, smart pigging & golfing lessons!

CB USA Christmas Party