Following on from the successful descaling and smart pigging operations on a number of HRSG units for PDO in 2015, Cokebusters recently successfully inspected two Once Through Steam Generation (OTSG) units containing 2.6” (66.7mm) short-radius return bends in the convection bank.  To achieve this, we designed a unique single-bodied Smart Pig less than 70mm in length.  This pig was able to navigate all areas of process tubing and obtained over 1.5 million measurements in each OTSG unit, which is obviously very valuable information for our client.

This job presented a particular challenge due to the very narrow bore.  Until now our client has been unable to measure the wall thicknesses.  Once the work was completed, we visited the clients’ offices in Muscat to present all detailed findings and enjoyed a series of technical discussions with client engineers.

OTSG boilers Amal Steam Plant

OTSG boilers at the Amal Steam Plant, Petroleum Development Oman